Sunday, April 21, 2013

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month... What can you do?

We see it all the time, "let's turn facebook pink for breast cancer awareness!!"  NOW IT'S OUR TURN!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and I'm getting excited about educating and informing people about Lyme, and so should you be!

So, what's the simplest thing you can do to make people aware?  Change your profile picture on facebook.  Everyone sees it, and you don't even have to change your profile picture for the whole month, even simply a single day is better than nothing.  Don't forget to invite your friends and family to do the same

But I don't know where to get a Lyme Friendly profile picture!  Have no fear, I've made some, and will be adding more throughout the rest of April.  Just simply right click and save image on the picture you like, and then change your facebook profile picture by uploading it.  Super simple.  If you find any images out there that you like, feel free to send them to me ( and I'll add them on here for people to use.  Enjoy!  Also I take suggestions too, if there is something in particular you want, I'd be happy to make it for you, just comment or e-mail me!


  1. can you please make one for Ohio?

  2. How about New Jersey

  3. I fought the Lyme, and I won!

  4. these are great! thank you :-)

    1. Thank you so much, I definitely enjoy making them!

  5. Could you do: Living in lyme world sucks; I am lyme green for myself and my family
    My Brain on Lyme (like the commercial where they show a frying egg and say your brain on drugs)

    Thank you!!

  6. Hi! I'm adding the first two you suggested now, but I'm still working on the last one, I'll let you know when I'm finished. Thanks :D